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Our mission is to provide you with the information you need to make the smartest decision: choosing the right loan.

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We have been featured in a number of renowned newspapers and specialized financing media.

Why Finbino?

Finbino is an independent loan comparator which saves time spent by looking for offers on various websites. In addition, it helps you choose a loan from the convenience of your home.

Everybody can choose the product of their liking thanks to the clear and simple Finbino loan comparator. Finbino is free of charge so choose your loan without any hidden charges.

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Finbino s.r.o, the company behind the Finbino project, has been active in the field of finance for more than 8 years. Finbino is a group of young people with rich experience in loan market in several countries. From the beginning, they have been doing their best to provide the best services possible what made them the leader among the loan comparator sites in several countries, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Spain.

Finbino team consists of financial experts, whose objective is to provide new, important and helpful information about loans.



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